Laratail: Free laravel tailwind css admin template starter kit

Laratail Introduction

  • Laratail is tailwind and laravel integrated admin panel starter kit.
  • It is architect to build large custom projects.
  • Design is based on domain driven architecture.
  • Design is based on domain driven architecture.



  • Works on DDD fashion with testing in mindsets.


  • User management with role and Permission.
  • A Model for articles, categories and tags.
  • Seo Management: meta title, meta description, meta keywords
  • Sitemaps generate for posts
  • Social Authentication with facebook and Google
  • Flash Notification for each session massages

User Management

  • It will consists a super admin level user.
  • It can create users, and roles.

Article management

  • A model to handle articles or blogs
  • Any number of attributes can have on models, If you are expanding this to a Product then you can attach any numbers of custom attributes like color, size.
  • Categories will availables.
  • It will have tags.
  • It can attach any numbers of images on articles.

Seo managements for article

  • Can attach meta_title, meta_description, meta_keywords for any articles
  • It counts page views as well.
  • Admin Panel will have metrics and manage page for it.
  • Sitemaps will generate for each articles.

Updates : How to updates after creating templates from this repository

  • Pull the desired branch from the template repository and merge it. This method will retain the commit history without modification
git pull master
  • If there are conflicts, resolve them and Commit the merge.